About Askungen Vital

Henrik Pedersen, CEO and production manager

We work with all of Sweden's biofuel users to contribute to a better environment. The wood ash that contains nutrients and trace elements will be returned to the forest in order to complete the natural cycle of the nutrients from the burnt biomass.

Recycling of wood ash is a reliable method and it makes use of the forest resources in a good and natural way. The nutrients used by the tree during growth still remain in the ash, except for nitrogen, after the combustion at a thermal plant.

We need to secure the safe return of the ash to the forest, where the nutrients in the ash promote development and vitality of the forests.

Askungen Vital AB manages the entire chain from ash output until the ashes are returned to the forest. The management, hardening, crushing and sieving of the ash is done at one of our landfill storages. Then, in cooperation with the Forest Service, we select the appropriate stock out. Areas are identified and the treatment method and the volume of material is determined.

Then we spread the ash with our unique spreading machine. The landowner receives an analysis report on spread material. We know how to distribute the material in the forest without causing damage to land or trees. We really care about nature!